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Why Apple’s Stance on Differential Privacy Is So Important

In Apple’s latest Machine Learning Journal entry, the company details how it collects data from its customers while taking privacy concerns into account by using “local” differential privacy, rather than central. Apple claims that local differential privacy allows the tech giant to harvest big data from iPads, iPhones, and Macs while maintaining user anonymity because […]

Suspicion Arises After Internet Traffic Was Rerouted Through Russia

Jump To: Why This Is Suspicious AS39523 Implications Something really strange happened to the internet on Wednesday — and the currently unexplained incident is bringing up some troubling questions. Reportedly, on Dec. 13, internet traffic sent to and from major tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft was briefly routed through a Russian internet […]

The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality – Here’s What to Expect

Jump To: What Is Net Neutrality? What You Can Expect What Happens Next? The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to gut net neutrality protections. So yes, the FCC just killed the Obama-era net neutrality regulations — and in a way that many say is extremely undemocratic. According to Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC is […]

10 (X) Vital iPhone X Tips and Tricks

Jump To: OLED Black Magic Home Bar Tricks Use the Force (Quit) Luke! Biometric Kill Switch Screenshot and Screen Recording Wake Up Call Shine Bright Like a Diamond Animoji Karaoke Your Eyes Only Magic Button Presses Apple’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone X, has been out for over a month now and shipping times have […]

iMac Pro Officially Released, Top-Tier Will Cost You $13K

Jump To: Cost Features Shipping Estimates Apple’s most powerful computer is officially out. The iMac Pro went up for sale on Apple’s online retail sites Thursday and is now available to order via or the Apple Store iOS app. Cost The workstation-class desktop is intended for professional users, such as creatives, developers photographers, and […]

European Tech Execs Slam Apple for ‘Unfair’ App Store Practices

European executives from some of the world’s most powerful technology companies have slammed Apple for implementing unfair practices on the App store. Notable executives such as Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek and Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht have penned a letter to the European Commission calling on it to do more to ensure Apple doesn’t take advantage […]

Why the iMac Pro Will Be Apple’s Most Secure Desktop Ever

Jump To: What Is a T2 Chip? Startup Security Utility Apple’s $4,999 iMac Pro has already established itself as the company’s most powerful, advanced, and capable desktop computer. And while it technically won’t be available to order until early Thursday, December 14, some of the web’s most prominent reviewers have already been given hands on […]

‘Top 5’ Phone Maker Mass-Ordered In-Display Fingerprint Readers

Interface tech company Synaptics announced on Tuesday that it has begun “mass production” of a display-embedded fingerprint sensor for a “top five” manufacturer. The company’s new Clear ID FS9500 family is a series of optical, in-display fingerprint sensors. Notably, Synaptics said they’re specifically designed for edge-to-edge, bezel-free “infinity displays” similar to the one on the […]