The share of Android Oreo crushing small

Interesting statistics. A few months audience iOS 11 increased to 60%. Alas, Android Oreo can boast similar. If you believe the December report, Google’s OS share is 0.5%. The vast majority of Android phones running on older framework assemblies.

Analysts suggest that the quicker the situation will not change. Real improvement will start in March or April 2018. While the slow proliferation of Android Oreo will have to accept.

The most popular version of Android remains a Marshmallow. 29.7% — no joke. On the second and third places — Lollipop (26.3%) and Nougat (23.3%). The result is Kit Kat equal to 13.4%. In addition, people continue to love Jelly Bean (5.9%), Ice Cream Sandwich (0.5%) and Gingerbread (0.4%).

Debut Android the Oreo was held in late August. The name is a reference to the famous liver Oreo. The system offers a mode “picture in picture” in terms of notification and other useful features.